Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Lightweight Lace-Trimmed Knit Scarf

Recently I found this slightly stretchy bright-colored lace at my local craft store.

After bringing it home sat next to this dark pea green knit and I knew they had to stay friends. I love the contrast of the colors. Also I am trying to get over my aversion of sewing with knits.It does seem to get easier with each try. The best advice I ever received in regards to knits was to use a brand new needle made specifically for sewing with knits. So I always follow that advice.

I bought a half yard of the green knit which measured 36"  selvage to selvage.

I started by making two equal measurements of knit. I cut my length of knit in half. So I now have two pieces of knit measuring 9" x 36".

Next sew together the 9" widths of fabric. My seam allowance is 1/2". Once they are sewn together, the dimension of the scarf will be 9" x 72". Keep in mind of course that you can make your scarf any dimension you choose.

Next stretch out your scarf and lay your lace or trim over the width of the scarf. Loosely pin down the lace.

Cut the lace to fit the exact width of the scarf.  Go to the other end of your scarf and pin down the lace. Trim to fit.  Then flip over your scarf and cut lace to fit both ends of this side. This way your scarf will look identical on either side.

Now it is time to sew through both layers of lace in order to attach it to the knit.

I sewed and square starting at the very edge of the scarf, up one edge of the lace, across the top edge of the lace and back down the last unsewn edge of the scarf.

 Once you have completed one side of the scarf, finish the other side.

This jersey knit is fabulous particularly because the edges do not fray so there is no need to finish them.I love the bold contrasting colors. Now it appears as though I need to pass an iron over my scarf. Once I do, I'll upload a photo of the scarf with an outfit.

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