Friday, May 20, 2011

Swimsuit Cover-up Pizazz

During my weekly Target shopping trip, I picked up a white cotton terrycloth swimsuit cover-up for my daughter along with about $95 worth of other goodies. I never get out of there without spending at least 100 bucks. You too? I love the simplicity and absorbancy of the cover-up but wanted to add a little pizazz to make it worth looking at, ya know?

Found this cute bubbly grosgrain ribbon in my stash and decided to add a few cute details...

like some trim around the hood

and a little "tag" in the seam to mimic those found on adorable boutique clothes.

Finally, this cover-up needed some embroidery. Since I have an embroidery machine I went to work and added a monogram. One of the lovely ladies at Joann Fabrics talked me into a pull-away stabilizer for the embroidery...I usually use an iron on. The verdict is in and I actually prefer the pull away. Way. Easier. To. Use. Period.

Sometimes it's all in the little details. I love this and so does she.

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Thursday, May 19, 2011

Stephanie Lynn you made my week!

First I get an email from Stephanie Lynn. She is the host/author of the first blog I ever started reading and following. Every Sunday evening after I put the kiddos to bed, I sit with my computer on my lap and go through all the fabulous items posted to her Sunday link party. She sent me a message saying my Tiered Twirl Dress was being featured on her site from a previous Sunday's link party. As if being featured isn't exciting enough, I am being featured by someone who is a blog role model for me because I love, love, love her blog.

Then, a few hours later, Stephanie Lynn sends me another message saying that she is also featuring my Abercrombie Skirt Refashion that I had also linked this past Sunday for her link party. So two features from Under the Table and Dreaming by Stephanie Lynn in one day.

I post this button with pride!


Friday, May 13, 2011

Upcycled Abercrombie Skirt

Found this cool Abercombie and Fitch skirt recently at an area thrift store. I love the cotton fabric that almost looks like linen. I also love that the fabric was cut on the bias and then sewn in a chevron pattern. Since I cannot wear a juniors size XS I decided to refashion it into a halter style sundress for my little nugget.

The buttonholes where the drawstring exits the casing is completely torn and unsalvageable so it needs to be removed.

I started this refashion by tearing out the casing at the top of the skirt which holds the drawstring. Use your seam ripper and pull out the stitching.

Next I used my rotary cutter to cut away the fabric above the fold that made the casing. This removed approximately 1/2" of fabric.

This next photo shows the actual cut and which fold you are cutting on. Continue this around the entire width of the skirt.

Now make a fold along the stitch mark just below where you just cut. Use your iron to make a permanent crease and then pin in place.

Next use your elastic (I used 3/4" non-roll woven elastic) to measure out above the chest, under the arms and around the back. Subtract an inch, cut and set aside. Use a hem gauge (one of my fav sewing tools ever) to measure 3/4" (width of elastic) plus 1/8" to form the casing for the elastic. Iron the fold then pin.

Straight stitch the casing as close to the lower edge of the casing as possible.

Remember not to stitch the entire casing closed. Leave a 2" opening to feed the elastic through.

Now use a safety pin on the end of the elastic to feed the elastic through the casing.

Once both ends are through, redistribute the fabric around the elastic so it is even. Overlap the two ends of the elastic by an inch and pin.

Sew a box with an "x" through it to secure the elastic.

Now push the elastic into the casing and stitch the casing closed.

Next I used the drawstring to make a halter. Fold in half as you see in the photo below. I stitched it into place with a machine along the casing stitch marks. Then I handstitched up the rest of the ties.

I then cut the ends of the drawstring to a good length, cut them and tied knots at the ends.

Finally I added a cute coordinating fabric flower. Avery loved it so much that she wore it around the rest of the day. This dress can be hemmed to any length you like and will grow with the person wearing it because of the elastic and adjustable length. Mine is almost floor length on my daughter and therefore she'll be able to wear it for several years.

Now I want one so I will have a "mommy" version coming soon.

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Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Check It Out

This made my Tiered Twirl Sundress was featured at Today's Top Twenty. Head on over and check it out.

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Thursday, May 5, 2011

Tiered Twirl Sundress

Tulips are blooming, rain is falling and allergies flaring. Spring is here. This means it is time to finish up some duds for baby girl for summer. Today I am sharing the Tiered Twirl Sundress.Thanks to my awesome friend Carly for doing a sew along with me on this one. A few seasons ago I fell in love with the Matilda Jane Jumping Wendy dress...

but waited too long to buy it and they sold out in Avery's size. So this is my summer version of that fabulous dress.

I started with a stretchy cotton tank top that I picked up from The Children's Place last summer for $1.99. I tried it on my daughter to determine where I wanted the first tier of the dress to start. I then measured out the length around the tank including a 1/3" seam allowance. Mark it with a dressmaker's chalk pen. Then use a rotary cutter or sharp scissors and cut the unneeded couple of inches at the bottom of the tank off.  Set the tank aside.

Next decide which order you would like your tiers to be in. I bought all of my printed cotton knit at Hobby Lobby.

I measured the width of the tank top to be 17". So I cut my first tier at 22" x 2 1/2". The length of each tier then increases by two inches and the width remains the same. So the second tier is 24" x 2 1/2", the third 26" x 2 1/2", the fourth 28" x 2 1/2" and so on. I used a rotary cutter to cut all of the tiers.

Once they were all cut, I took each tier right side together (wrong side on the outside) and serged the seams. If you are using a sewing machine to stitch the side seams, use 1/3" as the seam allowance.

Next you sew tier one and two together. Make sure you start by matching up the side seam of all each tier. They should make a straight line. I used a simple straight stitch. To help the fabric to ruffle up, slightly stretch the longer tier of the two tiers when running them under your sewing machine. After you sew tier one and two together, attach tier three, then four, etc.

 Here is a quick look of what the inside of the dress looks like just to be sure you are on track :)

Lastly, attach the tiered skirt to the bottom portion of the tank top using the same technique you did when you attached each layer of the tiered twirl skirt.Match side seam, pin, sew with a straight stitch.

No need to sew a hem at the bottom. Cotton knit is great because it doesn't fray, it will just roll up a bit. I love the simplicity of the dress and it can be easily lengthened (add extra tiers) or even made fuller (increasing the length of each tier by an inch or two). It is comfy yet stylish. Once the dress is washed, the exposed raw edges of the exposed seams with roll and ruffle up a bit. I can't wait to hear how yours turns out.

Coming soon is a "mom" version. After I made my daughter's, I decided I need one too because it looks so comfy and fun. 

Don't forget to save your knit scraps to whip up a fun hair pretty to wear with the Tiered Twirl Sundress. Check out my Mop Top Headband and Pony-O.

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