Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Big Daisy

The fam is on vacation this week in sunny Orlando, FL. I wanted a ginormous yet cute daisy for my daughter to wear in her hair. I might actually borrow it too :) So here is a quick tutorial on how to mount a store-bought flower onto a clip.

First make a coordinating ribbon-covered clippie. Check out my link here for a tutorial. Set the clip aside.

Take your store-bought flower and pop the top off of the stem. Next remove the plastic "cap" under the flower that holds the flower together.

Grab a pair of pliers. Snip off the plastic stem that holds the layers of flowers together.

Use Fabri-Tac glue and put a thin layer of glue between each layer of flower and also between the top layer of the flower and the plastic center of the flower. Make sure you only put the glue in the center area of the flower and not on the petals.

Lastly, spread a medium layer of Fabri-Tac onto the top of the clippie and press onto the back side of the flower. Use several plain alligator clips to hold down the ribbon-covered clippie to the flower. This helps the glue to set nicely. Remove the clips in an hour or so. Then allow the Big Daisy to finish drying.

My muse...I mean model for the day is my sister. Even adults can wear these clips well. Enjoy!


Thursday, April 14, 2011

Beaded Hair Pins

My fabulously fun 20-month-old daughter has ringlet curls and every one of the hairs on her head seems to be a different length. While the back of her hair is growing like crazy, the front is just long enough to cover her eyes. Most days she has one ponytail right on the top of her head to keep those curls out of her face. On the other days, we need some "tools" to help us keep her from running into things because she can't see beyond the bangs right in front of her face. So I thought I'd try some hair pins. Truth be told, I love hair pins for me too. So here are my hair pins for all.

To make these pins you can use either type of bobby pins you see here. Keep in mind one of the sides of the bobby pin needs to be straight (not wavy) and this is the side you will bead.

I used stretchy clear beading cord to attach the beads to the bobby pins. I just happened to have some hanging around, otherwise I probably would have used some thin fishing line - we happen to have some of that around too.

Use the cord to tie a double knot in the "u" part of the bobby pin.

Leave at least a 2-inch tail on the end of the cord. Then measure 2 1/2 times the length of your bobby pin on the other length of cord and cut.

Wrap the long length of cord once around the long side of the pin and double knot.

Begin stringing your beads (I use glass beads because they catch the light so nicely). String the length of the long straight side of the pin then take two or three beads off. Wrap the cord once around the edge of the bobby pin where you want your beads. Tie a double knot.

Now you wind the cord around the closest bead and between the two prongs of the bobby pin. Do this between each bead until you reach the last bead back by the "u" portion of the bobby pin where you started. Make double knot. Wrap the cord back around the side of the bobby pin where you have beaded and double knot again. Do this one more time. Finally tie that end of cord to the other end of cord. Double knot. Now you can clip the extra cord making sure not to clip too close to the knot. I left about 1/4" of cord.


Mine took me about 8 minutes each to make. I would have probably been faster if my fingernails didn't keep getting in the way...and if my daughter didn't dump the tubes of beads...twice. Fortunately I have two sons with perfect eyesight.

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Saturday, April 9, 2011

All smiles

I am smiling a little bigger today. After celebrating my niece's first birthday and spending the day with family, I came home to find out something exciting had happened while we were away. After getting the kiddos tucked into bed, I checked in on the computer. My Fabulous Reversible Headband was FEATURED (yes, FEATURED) on the blog Fabric Bows and More
while we were away. This is my very first feature and it makes me really happy.

Coming early this week is a new project so be sure to check back. I appreciate my followers! If you appreciate my blog, share it with a friend.

Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Mop Top Headband and Pony-O

Last week I was busy making this layered twirl dress with my good friend and sewing mentor, Carly of Sewing and Design by Carly...

and had these fun leftover scraps of knit that I had to find a way to use.

You may have figured out how much I love to make hair pretties. Clippies, headbands, hair scarves, ANYTHING.   Yep, definitely can whip up a few headbands and pony-o's with these great scraps. If you have old t-shirts or other knit items in your "donate" box, these scraps will work great too.

I used the selvage edges that I cut off of the skirt bands from my dress above. Then cut into some small pieces of leftover fabric.

The pieces measure about 1/4" wide and about 3 inches in length for the smaller Mop Tops and about 5 inches in length for the bigger Mop Tops.

Cut, cut, cut and pile them up. I didn't count exactly how many strips I used. More = a bigger fluffier puff and less = a flatter thinner puff. The measurements do not need to be exact. Be sure to set one strip of knit aside for later use for each Mop Top you make.

Once you are happy with the size of your pile, get out some elastic thread. If you don't own elastic thread, you can buy it in the notions section of your friendly local sewing store. You can also improvise by using embroidery thread, very thin ribbon or maybe even very thin elastic. Cut off a 5-inch piece.

If you are making a Pony-O...

Pick up your pile of knit scraps and set it down in the middle of the length of elastic. Grab an elastic ponytail holder.  Tie a double knot around the knit pile of strips and through the pony-o. Turn the pile and elastic over, bring the elastic ends and tie a double knot again.

Clip off the long ends but don't clip too close to the knot.

Now it's time to pick up the one strip of knit that I had you set aside a little earlier and tie a double knot with it over top of the elastic you used to tie the Mop Top. 

Cut a small circle out of coordinating felt (about 3/4 inch in diameter). Cover with a medium layer of Fabri-Tac. Then press the felt circle onto the underside of the Mop Top to cover the knot of the single strip of knit and to also cover the pony-o where it attaches to the underside of the Mop Top. 

Done! How easy was that?

If you are making a headband...

Pick up your pile of knit scraps and set it down in the middle of the length of elastic. Tie a double knot around the knit pile of strips.

Turn the pile and elastic over, bring the elastic ends together and tie a double knot again. Clip the ends of your thread but don't clip too close to the knot. Take one strip of knit that you set aside earlier and tie a knot on top of your piece of elastic thread that is holding your Mop Top together. Tie a double knot. For my headband, I made two Mop Tops. I wanted it big and full.

Cut out a small circle of coordinating felt for each Mop Top. Cover one side of it with Fabri-Tac. Set aside for a minute.

Grab one (or two) Mop Tops and flip them upside down - or - the part that you want to be the top should be laying on your work surface. Lay your elastic headband across the bottom of one or both Mop Tops.

Then finally lay your felt circle(s) on your elastic and Mop Tops. Push down with your fingers so that the glue adheres the elastic, felt and Mop Top(s) together.


Let dry a few hours. Wear with a smile.

Cute, cheap and FUN! I love making something out of scraps that would have otherwise ended up in a landfill. Revise my previous statement...cute cheap, FUN and green. Love it!

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