Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Big Daisy

The fam is on vacation this week in sunny Orlando, FL. I wanted a ginormous yet cute daisy for my daughter to wear in her hair. I might actually borrow it too :) So here is a quick tutorial on how to mount a store-bought flower onto a clip.

First make a coordinating ribbon-covered clippie. Check out my link here for a tutorial. Set the clip aside.

Take your store-bought flower and pop the top off of the stem. Next remove the plastic "cap" under the flower that holds the flower together.

Grab a pair of pliers. Snip off the plastic stem that holds the layers of flowers together.

Use Fabri-Tac glue and put a thin layer of glue between each layer of flower and also between the top layer of the flower and the plastic center of the flower. Make sure you only put the glue in the center area of the flower and not on the petals.

Lastly, spread a medium layer of Fabri-Tac onto the top of the clippie and press onto the back side of the flower. Use several plain alligator clips to hold down the ribbon-covered clippie to the flower. This helps the glue to set nicely. Remove the clips in an hour or so. Then allow the Big Daisy to finish drying.

My muse...I mean model for the day is my sister. Even adults can wear these clips well. Enjoy!


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