Sunday, June 12, 2011

Flowergirl Dress

During the past 6 weeks or so, I have spent every spare moment making my daughter's flowergirl dress for the wedding of two friends, Patrick and Erika (congrats you two). And of course by "spare moments" I mean lost sleep. After all I have three kids and way too much going on like everybody else.

No tutorial this time friends as I would never ever encourage anyone else to engage in this type of craziness. There are in the vicinity of 200 flowers hand sewn onto the skirt of this dress. Each flower is hand singed, sewn and beaded. You will not find a single drop of glue holding this together. The bodice is made of gorgeous nubby Dupioni silk purchased from the fabulous Haberman's in Royal Oak, MI. I used the pattern Simplicity #3943 to cut out the basic shape of the bodice. Once again my wonderful friend Carly of Sewing and Design by Carly helped to guide me through putting in buttons on the back of the bodice (instead of an invisible zipper) to putting in a placket in the skirt of the dress. I can honestly say I have never put in a placket. Thank you my trusted sewing mentor!

No Avery wasn't particularly cooperative at the wedding. She did not walk down the aisle holding the hand of the boy she was supposed to. No she didn't carry the ivory basket full of flower petals. No she didn't sit still during the ceremony. Yes she conked her head five separate times on the pew in front of us.

At least she looked cute.

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  1. She absolutely looked cute!!! I love the roses on the dress!!

  2. Becky, Avery's dress is fantastic! Really, really beautiful. This blog post brought a little sunshine to my morning!


  3. sooo cute you inspired me to make my daughters!

  4. This is amazing! It really is a special dress. Following you from Fabric Bows and More.

  5. Avery's dress is AMAZING! My mouth dropped open when I saw it and stayed open the whole time I read your post! Congratulations on making that! And of course Avery wouldn't cooperate during the wedding - whenever we want our kiddos to do something, they tend to do the opposite :)

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  7. I love avery dress, it is very beautiful. thanks for sharing, im sure many people would love to include the dress to their flower Girl Dresses collection. Thanks again!