Saturday, March 12, 2011

Needing Me Some Spring!

I am needing me some spring. Since Mother Nature isn't cooperating I decided to take matters into my own hands and start some seasonal decorating. My front door has been bare since the Valentine's Day wreath came down and it is begging for some eye candy. After rummaging through my basement I realized that apparently I don't own a spring wreath. Me not owning a spring wreath, now that just doesn't  seam right. I was actually trying to think of a fun project to do for my first blog post and this could be perfect. Everyone could use a nice springy wreath - particularly on a gray day like this. About a month ago I was visiting my friend Rachel and really took notice of her decor on a console table in the foyer right inside her front door. I just couldn't stop thinking about the robin's eggs.

See what I mean? Gorgeous. So Rachel's table is serving as my inspiration for today's project.

How To Make Robin's Eggs...I went back down my basement stairs for the second time today and grabbed some small-sized plastic Easter eggs. We have an overabundance of these eggs anyways - ever notice how they seem to multiply? First plan of action was to grab some gray primer spraypaint and give the plastic eggs a coat of it.

Since the blue I will use for the eggs is a water-based acrylic craft paint, it needs a better surface to stick to rather than plastic.  Spray them and let dry. You will probably have to spray half the egg, let it dry, then return later to spray the other half.

I used a craft paint brush to dab on a light blue acrylic craft paint to the eggs once the primer was dry. I did half of the egg, set it down to dry and came back later to paint the other half of the egg. Once the eggs were completely painted blue (I did a touch up layer once both sides were dry), I used a toothpick to dot on a few brown speckles. I also used a craft water-based acrylic paint for the speckles. Then finally and very importantly I used a clear acrylic spraypaint on the eggs once the blue pint and brown speckles were dry. If this clear coat isn't sprayed on, the acrylic craft paint will simply fleck off if anything comes into contact with it and it will run and smear if it gets wet (in the rain or snow). The clear coat serves as protection.  Now take a moment to admire your fabulous robin's eggs.  

In the meantime while all the drying was taking place, I planned to make a trip to Michael's to look for a nest. After getting my daughter fed, dressed, packed up and bundled up, we got out to the car only to find a dead car battery. Turns out one of my boys left the light on in the car the previous day. Awesome! 

Making a Nest...So we went back inside and I was forced to make due with what I already had on hand. I made the trip down the basement steps once again and noticed a bag of long strands of raffia. I also contemplated gathering twigs in the backyard and making a nest that way.

With a little coercing I was able to craft a perfect little nest. I simply started with a few strands of raffia and wound them around and kept adding a few more strands. Use very small dabs of hot glue here and there to help hold the nest together.

Stella, my hot glue gun, has burned me once or twice. Please be so careful.

Lastly I used brown spray paint to give the nest a more natural color and one that coordinated better with what I was envisioning. Once it was dry I used Stella to glue the robin's eggs into the nest. Insert smile here - this makes me happy.

When I went back downstairs to my basement (yet again) to check on the drying paint, I found a grapevine wreath.

My intent was to spraypaint the wreath a cream/neutral color but was unable to locate my cream-colored spraypaint.

So instead I used an old can of Behr indoor house paint in a similar color. I used the oldest and cheapest paint brush I could find.

Since the wreath is already textured on its own, I didn't need to worry about a perfect finish. I dabbed and squished paint onto every surface I could reach.

After several hours when the paint was mostly dry, I flipped the wreath over and did the same thing. Don't worry if you can't cover every millimeter of the wreath's surface. This just gives depth and adds to its character when the dark brown shows through a little.

To make the fabric flowers...I used a cream-colored polyester apparel lining fabric I found in my "stash". For my pictures I used colored fabric for ease of seeing what I was doing.

Cut similar-sized circles. I used about 40. They do not need to be perfect (notice the wrinkles, fraying and irregular shapes of my circles). Once you have them cut out, you will use your hot glue gun to turn flat circles into fabulous flower buds.

First put a bead of glue near the center of the flower. Fold the flower in half and press down gently where the glue dot is. Be careful because this is a great way to burn yourself if the glue seeps through the fabric.

Next on the flat side of the semi-circle run a thin line of glue parallel to the flat surface.

Fold the right 1/3 of the flower towards the left, then fold the left 1/3 of the flower towards the right.

Pat down with your fingers so the glue adheres well. Again watch out for hot seeping glue.

When you pick up the flower, it should look something like this.

Do this with all of the circles you cut out. I cut out about 20 originally. Then cut and added more until the wreath looked the way I wanted it to.

Once they are done you can glue them onto your wreath. I first figured out where I wanted to glue the nest. Then I clustered the blossoms thickest near the nest and spread them thinner and farther from each other as I got farther from the nest.

When your blossoms are done, glue on your nest.

Go ahead and take a moment to admire your project. Mine took me about an hour and a half in total work time. I used only items I had on hand so it didn't end up costing me anything. Gotta love that!

And finally a photo of the wreath hanging on my front door. 

Maybe you could use a hint of spring on your front door. Maybe you just want to see what I'll come up with next. Please become a follower of my blog and feel free to invite friends and family to join if they might enjoy it as well.  If you use any of my ideas above, please do not portray my work as your own. All photos are copyrighted so they cannot be used without my permission.  I'd love to see photos of your spring wreath and hear your comments.


  1. So pretty!!! Looks great on the front door!
    Congrats on the new blog, can't wait to see what you do next. I'm sure whatever it is, it'll be fabulous, like you :)

  2. Becky, wonderful post. Susan and I have our own blog also. Sort of a travel blog. It is a bit out of date by a couple of months, but I have promised myself to work on getting it up to date. Check it out at

    Tim and Sue

  3. This is soooo pretty!! I love it!

  4. I love the eggs, what a good idea! I bet it looks great on the front door.