Friday, March 11, 2011

I'm a blogger. I blog.

So happy to finally be here.  I've been dreaming of blogging for over a year and finally Bucket of Buttons is here. So why "Bucket of Buttons"? My favorite person in the world had some pretty fabulous collections. She grew up during the depression and was a "saver". In a little linen closet outside of her bedroom she kept a gold tin. Whenever she approached the closet I would hold my breath and get excited because inside the tin was a collection of buttons. Her tin of buttons made me happy. I would sit at her dining room table completely content colorizing the buttons or imaging what I would make in order to use each button. Buttons still do make me happy and so do the memories of my grandma. Bucket of Buttons is my own little collection of good stuff (just like Grams had) - sewing, holiday decor, home decor, baking, thrift store find re-do's and lots more. I look forward to sharing my Bucket of Buttons with you.


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  1. Looking forward to hearing your ideas and seeing your projects!